With our sepsis test, physicians can identify the presence, type and severity of infection in under an hour

Our superior performance comes from reading the immune system (the host response) instead of finding pathogens directly

20 million patients* are assessed for sepsis without adequate diagnostic tests

* annually in the US alone

Sepsis accounts for half of in-hospital deaths, and is the most expensive diagnosis ($24 billion) in the US healthcare system

Sepsis: Time Matters

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that arises when the body’s response to infection causes injury to its own tissues and organs.  Since there is no rapid gold standard diagnostic test for sepsis, physicians largely guess at presence and severity of infection. Blood cultures, which may take 24-48 hours to return, only turn positive in ~30% of all patients with infections, and so are not effective for ruling out infections.

Host-Response Diagnostic by Inflammatix: A Novel Validated Approach

Inflammatix has a breakthrough solution: our HostDx™ Sepsis test ‘reads’ the immune system to determine the presence, type (bacterial/viral) and severity of infection. The technique works by measuring the expression levels of several host immune genes, and then applying proprietary Inflammatix algorithms to produce clinically actionable results. Sample to answer timing will be less than hour. The Inflammatix gene sets have been extensively validated (24 validation cohorts, >1000 patients) and published in top-tier medical journals.

Press Coverage

 New: Stanford Spinout Inflammatix Developing Sepsis Diagnostic Based on Host Immune Response


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Do You Really Need Antibiotics? This Test Can Tell.


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Interview with Tim Sweeney, MD, PhD, Co-Founder of Inflammatix

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“For someone with an infectious disease, the ability to distinguish between a viral and a bacterial cause would be game-changing.”

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