Groundbreaking tests for sepsis and fever detection

The Inflammatix host response diagnostics are powered by ‘reading’ the immune system instead of looking for a bug. Our immune system has developed targeted responses to different types of infections and other diseases over millions of years of evolution.

We are initially launching InSep, CoVerity and ViraBac for better acute infection and sepsis diagnosis based on patent-pending biomarkers exclusively licensed from Stanford University.

InSep Acute Infection and Sepsis Test

Shooting for the holy grail: Identify the presence, type and severity of an acute infection.

Tailored for emergency rooms. urgent care clinics and inpatient use to diagnose (or rule out) acute infection and sepsis in multiple clinical scenarios:

  • First presentation in the ED or urgent care clinic
  • Identifying infections in traumatic injuries
  • Neonate and ICU patient monitoring

CoVerity SARS-CoV-2 Severity Test

Addressing a significant unmet need: COVID Severity Prognosis

CoVerity helps clinicians better determine which COVID-19 positive patients are at greater risk of a more severe clinical course, leading to appropriate patient disposition, optimal use of limited resources, and a resulting cost savings.


ViraBac Acute Infection Test

Soon, we’ll answer your simple question:
Is my infection bacterial or viral?

Ideal for outpatient clinics and urgent care centers

Safely and confidently avoid prescribing antibiotics on negative results (multiple validation studies indicate that the HostDx Fever test can achieve a greater than 95% negative predictive value for bacterial infection)


Deep pipeline of novel, rapid tests

Deep pipeline of tests

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