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Inflammatix is proud to support SAEM’s webinar series.

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SAEM Webinar 6 – 18:38
Antimicrobial stewardship in the Emergency Department in the era of COVID-19

SAEM Webinar 5 – 8:30
Leveraging the host response to predict severe respiratory failure in COVID-19: Derivation of a 5-mRNA classifier and prospective validation

SAEM Webinar 4 – 17:47
Assessing COVID-19 severity in the ED – an interview with Dr. Nathan Shapiro

SAEM Webinar 3 – 25:00
“Heterogeneity” and “Dirty Data”– blessings in disguise for accelerating clinical translation

SAEM Webinar 2 – 16:14
The need for actionable results to diagnose acute infections & sepsis in the ED: The power of host response

SAEM Webinar 1 – 12:49
A new approach to diagnosing sepsis: Host response profiling

Presentations & Talks

Tim Sweeney at TEDx Palo Alto – 10:35
Immune profiling: A new way to diagnose.

Inflammatix is active in person and online.

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ACEP Presentation October 2020 – 41:51
When assessing infection, think patient, not pathogen.

Inflammatix + AWS – 21:42
Point-of-care precision medicine using transcriptomics and machine learning.

Inflammatix + Sepsis Alliance – 51:47
How diagnostics contribute to defining sepsis.

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