The power of reading the immune system to diagnose disease

We will be an educational resource for healthcare professionals who want to better understand host response in acute infection and sepsis. On these pages, you will find data about these disorders and the dysregulated immune system, and the role that Inflammatix will play in identifying acute infection and sepsis.

Our information is based on robust science and research — on the Inflammatix Citation page, you will find publications relevant to acute infection, sepsis, host response, machine learning, and other topics. We use media such as video webinars and blogs, all found here, to present the latest studies regarding these important topics. We are constantly adding to the list, so please check back often.

TEDx Palo Alto

Watch our CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Tim Sweeney, discuss Immune Profiling: a better way to diagnose infection.

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How Inflammatix supports antibiotic stewardship and the fight against sepsis

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