Inflammatix was founded to commercialize cutting-edge research from Stanford University on a new way to diagnose infections. The current gold standard for diagnosis of an infection is to find the ‘bug’ (bacteria or virus), typically by culturing a blood sample from a patient who is ill. However, many patients with infections don’t have the ‘bug’ floating in their bloodstream. This means that these measures can’t rule out the presence of an infection if nothing is found.

Inflammatix approaches infections in a different way: by ‘reading’ the immune system. The immune system has evolved over millions of years to have specific responses to different kinds of infections. Inflammatix’s patent-pending biomarkers allow us to determine what the immune system is reacting to. This can help us diagnose whether an infection is present and whether an infection is bacterial or viral. The test can be turned around very quickly, to give physicians early and actionable information about what treatments are appropriate.